Social Media Campaigns

We conceptualise and support corporate and cause-driven social media campaigns.

We believe that every successful campaign starts with a well designed, thought provoking website.  Facebook and Twitter are among the many interactive, viral “platforms” you can leverage to generate awareness of your company, product or cause. In recent years Twitter has become a crucial arm of after-sales service.

While all platforms are good to have, not all may be necessary to enhance the reach of your campaign messages.  You may also lack the necessary headcount or resources to support an extensive social media campaign.  In fact, most social media campaigns fizzle out within the first few months because they are usually executed as an “afterthought” instead of being prioritised as a core component of the company’s marketing strategy.  .

Here is where we step in.  For a mutually agreed upon fee each month, we will support your social media outreach and help revitalise your campaign messages.  If, like some of our clients, you do not know where or how to start, we can sit down with your marketing team and develop the campaign from scratch.

Email us for an initial consultation.

Visit our clients’ Facebook pages at and

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