Our Consultants

“I believe the role of a public relations consultant goes beyond drafting media releases and pitching stories to the media.  It’s about helping our clients (multinational corporations, non-government organisations, social enterprises) establish a heartfelt rapport with with their target audiences.  Few companies have an honest and sincere relationship with their customers, but the few that do enjoy a lifetime of brand loyalty.”

Leona Lo, Principal Consultant, Talk Sense Pte. Ltd.



3 thoughts on “Our Consultants

  1. Hi Leona,

    Didn’t get the chance to meet you during fliming but from what I saw you were very good.


  2. I’m talking about Perfect Spin – of course.

    • Thanks Stephen. It was a great experience, even if it got progressively colder. I don’t have a TV at home so I rely on what people tell me.

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