Media Training

How can you stand out from your competitors and get noticed by the national papers, radio and television?

The answer is public relations – the art of communicating your brand value and seeding your key messages among your target audience.

Anyone can execute a strategic public relations programme.  It’s not rocket science.  We will show you how and guide you to making public relations the secret to your business success.  You don’t have to pay a huge monthly retainer to a public relations agency (it all gets stale after a while, doesn’t it?).  You can DIY!

We offer a one-day media training session for company executives who wish to pick up effective strategies for executing successful public relations campaigns.

The one-day course covers

– PR 101

– Essential components of a media kit (participants will get the chance to draft a one-page corporate fact sheet, to be individually assessed by the trainers)

– Key messages development

– Key interview techniques including blocking & bridging

–  Approaching the media

– Key elements of a social media campaign

The course can be conducted in-house or off-site.

Courses can also be tailored for specific company needs.

Email us for more information about the media training.

Give your business a chance to be visible or risk extinction – we mean it!

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