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 – One hundred times more effective than similar masks without Viroblock technology

Singapore, June 26, 2013– Amid fears of a global coronavirus outbreak, Viroblock SA, a Swiss start-up, today presented new data at the ICPIC 2013 in Geneva, showing that their respiratory face mask containing proprietary novel cholesterol depletion technology traps and kills over 99.997% of human corona viruses, 99.999% of H5N1 flu viruses (avian flu) and 99.9995% of H1N1 flu viruses (swine flu) on pass through air. Aimed at helping protect people from these respiratory pathogens, the mask is up to one hundred times more effective than a similar mask without Viroblock technology. The company will now start direct sales in Switzerland and is looking for distributors in Singapore where the local authorities have stepped up their operational readiness for a potential outbreak.

“Aerobiology tests for face-masks simulate real life situations, in which the user is exposed to viruses coming in. The mask helps prevent transmission from and to the person wearing the mask.” commented Dr Thierry Pelet, CSO at Viroblock. “The stringent testing demonstrates the efficacy and speed at which the cholesterol depletion technology works”.

Aerobiology tests, carried out in high security laboratories, create a mist of viruses on the outside of the mask, a pump is used to draw air and viruses through the mask, and finally testing for live virus occurs on the inside of the mask.

“We believe that our protective face-mask can help protect healthcare, agriculture and security workers effectively, with added advantages of comfort of wear and easy identification,” said Dr Jamie Paterson, CEO of Viroblock.

Viroblock SA is a CTI Certified Swiss start-up located in Geneva, Switzerland. Founded in 2006 and supported mainly by Swiss investors, the company is focused on developing a unique anti-viral technology based on cholesterol depletion. Viroblock’s first product is an anti-viral face mask and other air filtration products are planned. For more information about Viroblock, please visit: Viroblock is also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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OneKey prototype

OneKey is a two-factor authentication device that will enhance your security when you perform online transactions such as online banking, online securities trading, online viewing of insurance details, etc.

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*Free for Singaporeans and Permanent Residents

Yahoo needs to explain hacking incident

In my previous incarnation as a healthcare PR consultant (currently I still have one foot in it), I was sensitive to accusations of cover-ups and exorbitant drug claims on my clients’ behalf.  Accountability was a big issue and Big Pharma continues to suffer from its perceived lack of accountability.  Having dipped my toes in IT since 2011, I’m surprised by the industry’s relative lack of accountability with regard to hacking incidents.  Fair enough, hacking is not the equivalent of making a misleading – and therefore potentially fatal – drug claim, but there are data which show that billions of dollars are lost to identity theft and online fraud each year.  Surely IT companies should be more accountable to their end users?  I was therefore baffled by Yahoo Singapore’s deafening silence on the widespread hacking of local users’ accounts since last Thursday.  Like our New Zealand counterparts, don’t we deserve an explanation too?  I wrote to Straits Times’ Forum Page editor in my search for answers:

Yahoo hacking

You’ve Been Hacked: Has your Yahoo email account been compromised?

Sample suspicious link

Sample suspicious link

Since last Thursday, I’ve received about seven spam emails from friends with accounts (one of these was a account).  Here’re some common characteristics of the spam mails:

a.  The emails have no subjects and contain a German link (in some cases, a “.de” link)

b.  The email accounts belong to Singaporeans or people based in Singapore.  When I contacted some of them – including my mother – to verify, they confirmed their accounts had been hacked.

I became worried – seven spam emails from known sources in the space of two days.  That’s a lot!  I posted updates on my personal and client’s Facebook account (okonekey) in an attempt to gather evidence of widespread hacking into Singaporeans’ Yahoo accounts.  True enough, many of my contacts reported either receiving or sending out spam mails.  Some of my client’s Facebook fans, normally quiet, also reported the same.

How many accounts have compromised in Singapore and why has Yahoo been so quiet on the matter?  At least send out an advisory educating on the importance of changing one’s passwords regularly and activating two-factor authentication / 2FA (also known as two-step verification in Yahoo’s lingo).

Yahoo’s silence is deafening.